Tools I Use

Changing your life is no easy task! It’s next to impossible to do it alone. Here’s some of the tools I use to keep me on track and motivated.

  • Jillian Michaels’ Unlimited – This website offers customized meal and fitness plans. Jillian definitely keeps you motivated. It’s worth checking out if you need some organizational help. There’s also a mobile app you can download if you have an iPhone!
  • Pokewalker – Okay, before you start making fun of me, I’ll let you in on a (not so) secret: I’m a huge nerd! I love video games and still haven’t outgrown my love of Pokemon. This pedometer lets you “download” a pokemon and take it with you when you walk. The more you walk, the more experience your pokemon gains! Once you’re done, you can “upload” it back to your game and all the experience you gained will be carried over into your game! It’s really neat!
  • Avia iquest Walking Shoes – I absolutely LOVE these shoes! The ergonomic shape really helps take away from the pain I usually get in my back and knees. Plus they’re comfortable and super cute! They’re a little pricey at $80, but if you can catch them on sale at Famous Footwear (I got mine for $35), then definitely try them on!

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